Photos: Joseph Quinn Is Face of Gris Dior Scent

Photos: Joseph Quinn Is Face of Gris Dior Scent

British actor Joseph Quinn has become the face of the Gris Dior scent, which is part of La Collection Privée Christian Dior.

“A mesmerizing and mysterious actor, he is the perfect embodiment of the streamlined chypre accord of this leading composition, designed as the olfactory transcription of the emblematic color of the Avenue Montaigne house,” Parfums Christian Dior wrote in a statement.

On screen, Quinn played the part of Eddie Munson in season four of the Netflix sci-fi series “Stranger Things.” He also has starred in the Sky Original/HBO series “Catherine the Great,” opposite Helen Mirren, in the role of her son Prince Paul. Quinn was in the BBC’s adaptation of “Les Misérables” as well. On stage, he starred with Olivia Colman in Lucy Kirkwood’s “Mosquitoes” at the National Theatre in London. “It’s crazy, I never thought that I would have anything to do with the fashion world,” Quinn said during a Zoom interview. “It’s such an honor.”

He was learning more about the Dior brand. “Literally, it was my first fashion week,” Quinn said. “So I am very new to this whole thing.” The Dior show on Sept. 27 served as his first, and Quinn found the experience “pretty hectic, but the clothes were amazing.” He sat next to Elle Macpherson, “which was kind of mad, and she was so nice.” When asked about his relationship to fragrance, the actor explained: “I love smelling good.” Quinn said Gris Dior “smells amazing, unlike anything I’ve smelled before — so it’s pretty fun to be a part of it.”

He will appear in spots for Gris Dior on Dior social channels. Shooting for the scent differed entirely from filming a movie. “With acting, you’re playing a character, that’s what you’re in service of. Here, it feels a little bit more like me, which feels quite strange and kind of fun,” Quinn said. “The fact that they thought of me in that capacity is very flattering.”

At the beginning of this year he acted in “Hoard,” the first feature film created by writer and director Luna Carmoon. Among other directors he’d love to work with are Michael Sarnoski, Paul Thomas Anderson and Claire Denis.

As for types of roles Quinn’s interested in trying out? “I’m just walking into this with my arms wide open,” he said. “It’s not like I have a particular appetite to play a cowboy or a psycho or anything like that. I’m just going to see what opportunities come my way — and try not to mess them up.”

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Photos: Christian Dior – Paris Fashion Week – Womenswear Spring -Summer 2023

Photos: Christian Dior – Paris Fashion Week – Womenswear Spring -Summer 2023

Added new photos of Joseph Quinn attending the Christian Dior Womenswear Spring/Summer 2023 show as part of Paris Fashion Week on September 27, 2022 in Paris, France.

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Videos/Photos: Stranger Things Season 4 Bloopers

Videos/Photos: Stranger Things Season 4 Bloopers

Season 4 bloopers of Stranger Things have officially dropped! Check out the video & screen captures added to our photogallery.

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Photos/Interview: SID

Photos/Interview: SID

Ahead of the fourth season of Stranger Things, the British actor Joseph Quinn sat down with us to get up close on his recent role. Together we dug into his favourite moments on set, his commitment to acting, and a diet consisting of magnets, pun intended.

JR: Congratulations on your recent role in Stranger Things. The show has been such a great success over the years. What’s it been like to plunge into a show that already has such an established cast?

JQ: Thanks very much! It was daunting, but they’re all lovely people and were keen to ease my anxieties. It was a joy.

Were you a fan of the series before? And, what was the moment like when you found out that you had the role?

I was definitely a fan of the series. When my agent called to tell me I was totally shocked. He sounded pretty surprised too to be honest, the offer fell out of the sky, it took me totally off guard.

What was the group dynamic between your fellow cast members like, and were there any memorable moments on set?

I got very lucky with the group I got to work with. Everyone’s funny. Everyone is silly. Natalia is pretty handy with photoshop, so we would float some silly pictures around – they kept us amused.

Your first appearance as Eddie Munson in the cafeteria had such magnetism. What did it take to bring Eddie ‘s character to life?

Well, thanks very much. I was on a very strict diet at the time consisting mainly of magnets. I’d eat one magnet in the morning and then around lunchtime another magnet and then one, sometimes two in the evening. That was a joke. A bad one. I’m sorry. I don’t know how to answer that question really, I got a vocal coach and hoped for the best. Listening to metal helped too.

Most actors have a particular philosophy behind their work. Is there anything or anyone that inspires you during the process of preparing for a role?

A philosophy behind my work? Jesus, I don’t know. I think commitment is the key. You have to become pretty obsessive, or I do anyway. You only get something out of it if you put a lot in. Whether it’s an audition, stage play, or screen gig, if you wing it, you’ll feel unfulfilled. I think that’s true of any profession though…

Before your appearances on television, you were mostly acting in plays, most notably in Mosquitos alongside Olivia Colman. What was it like to transition from theatre to television?

It’s great to do both. It’s the same job, different disciplines. Theatre is harder though. It’s just stamina.

You’ll be starring in the film Hoard next, could you tell us more about the project?

It’s helmed by this extraordinary woman called Luna Carmoon. She’s something special, and I hope the film will be too. It’s hard to talk about. We shall see!

Added the photoshoot of Joseph Quinn for SID to our photogallery!

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Photos/Interview: Esquire (Singapore)

Photos/Interview: Esquire (Singapore)

If you haven’t heard of Joseph Quinn, where even have you been? Debuting on the latest and fourth season of Netflix’s cult show Stranger Things as the lovable metal-headed Eddie Munson, the only way to describe his unprecedented ascension to the spotlight is: catapulted. Which is why, we present to you Joseph Quinn in a red Porsche. What more could we desire?

To start, I just want to know how you’re feeling! How are you?

How am I feeling? I’m feeling good today! I think it’s just about taking the rough with the smooth. It’s an extraordinary change in my life, and one that I feel very, very grateful for. There are little moments of feeling like: I’m not in control of any of this, but I’m trying to just let it happen. But it’s in those moments, I feel even more grateful for the people that I have around me, because that’s what matters most, you know? My friends and my family, they’ve been such rocks during all of this. They’ve really been brilliant. I’m not complaining. It’s been amazing.

What have you done since you’ve had this catapult moment to ground yourself, and find stability in the whirlwind of it all?

I think I’ve tried not to be too critical of myself; it’s been very helpful. Allowing myself to make mistakes and not trying to negotiate it perfectly has been helpful. And whenever I get overwhelmed, also just calling people all the time. I’m leaning on very close friends who are very important, and I find myself only wanting to hang out with very few people. But also through this kind of craziness, I’ve made some wonderful new friends. I was on holiday in Italy recently with some new people who are just wonderful and great, and that was a real treat. This life can really introduce you to some amazing people and experiences.

What do you think it is about your character [Eddie] that’s resonated with so many people?

The overriding message that I get from fans in relation to the character, is how they love that he’s not demonised. Well he is a little, by the Hawkins community. But I think in the narrative structure and through the writing of the [Duffer] brothers, they’ve really humanised him so you care about him. I think normally there can be lots of broad brush strokes around characters like that – like metal heads as people who are kind of intense and angry and don’t have the empathy. But this role was written so eloquently for him. I can’t take credit for it at all, it was all there [in the writing]. And I suppose because he’s an outsider and represents being different, and doesn’t really apologise for being different either. We all have moments of disliking ourselves or being hard on ourselves. I think it’s about him being himself and being brave, is what people have taken from him.

You have a bevy of work that you’ve done before Stranger Things from theatre to television to film. What thrills you most about this work, and do you prefer being on a live stage or on a set, or potentially, even behind the camera?

In whichever context, it’s the collaboration that thrills me. Everyone’s there to serve something greater than themselves; they’re there to do the best that they can. In every single world, particularly for film and television, there are so many different departments and without one of those departments, everything falls apart. You know, if people aren’t fed, they’re not going to be able to work; if the transport team don’t get everyone there, we can’t work. We can’t work if the lights turn off, we can’t work if the camera turns off, we can’t work if the actors aren’t ready and don’t know their lines. It’s this kind of beautiful co-dependency that everyone has, to make something that wasn’t there before. That’s the thing that I enjoy about it the most.

Do you watch yourself back? For example, did you watch yourself on Stranger Things?

No, I just watched my show reels over and over. Joking! [Laughs].

Do you see growth in yourself as an actor from when you first started to the roles you’re doing today?

Yeah, I guess I can! And that’s a really interesting question as well. It’s not like I have a huge body of work to compare it to. My first job was this lovely series called Dickensian, which was something I felt so lucky to be a part of. I saw some of its repeats, so I’ve watched a little bit of it. And I definitely see [growth] a lot of pushing and a lot of failure, really. Every actor has been there. If you’re looking at yourself, you’re obviously going to be trying to find the flaws in your performance. With Eddie, it was a very weird experience because obviously, I had this big wig on and I was trying to do my best American accent. So there was this kind of physical and role difference at the same time. But it was very funny, because you’re watching everyone who you’re friends with do their thing and then you kind of pop up and that’s very surreal! But the best experience from watching Stranger Things was watching what everyone else had done, you know? Because there were so many different stories and it was lovely watching the work that David [Harbour], Winona [Ryder] and Brett [Gelman] had been doing and watching the California storyline. It was great to see it all come together.

There’s been much talk about your status as a budding fashion icon. Tell me a little about your personal style.

I don’t know if I could describe my style sincerely and be able to take myself seriously! I don’t know; I wear what I like I guess! I wear what I feel most comfortable in and I like the autumn season, when you can kind of layer up and still wear shades. I like that time of year for fashion. I have very little experience with it all really; it’s only recently that I’m kind of leaning into it a little bit more. I actually really enjoyed the creative agency and experience of this shoot with Charlie [Gray] and getting to try new looks, it was really rewarding. But I haven’t like been on a massive shopping spree or anything like that, or changed my wardrobe. Honestly, I haven’t really had the time! But I do enjoy wearing Gucci when I can.

Are you struggling to reconcile the reaction there’s been to your new status as a sex symbol? You’ve become an overnight sensation and quite the poster boy.

I think it’s synonymous with just being better known. I don’t think there’s anything particularly interesting about me other than I’m new, that is making me a ‘poster boy’ [in your words]. It’s very flattering, don’t get me wrong. It’s very sweet. But I guess, how am I dealing with it? I’m doing the best I can!

This month, our issue is all about Desire. What do you do desire the most in the world?

That’s a really good question. I think security for my family; I want them to be alright. Desire…it’s kind of hard to keep a relationship going in this business. It’s quite hard to feel supported by someone else, and feel that someone’s in your corner. That’s a really lovely feeling. But it’s hard. At times, it also feels like quite a selfish job. Because you just kind of go where the work goes, and there can be very little room for conversation and compromise when it comes to that. So, it’d be nice to meet someone nice, you know? And to just keep working on stuff that I find interesting with people that I admire and can be challenged by. It’s a very different lens to look through the work now, because I never thought I’d have any choice. That’s the best thing that’s come from this. There’s more of a suggestion of choice, and having a bit more agency over the projects that I could be a part of, which is another desire. That’s a great thing. But yeah, I guess a nice role, someone nice and a nice house would be great [smiles].

Can you share a special secret talent or skill that you possess, that no one knows about you?

Secret skill… I feel I’m a pretty decent chef. Nothing crazy, but I could surprise someone with a good meal.

Now I have to ask what your signature dish would be?

My signature is probably a roast – and I’ve kind of got the timings down too. It’s a pretty well-oiled machine!

And favourite cocktail?

Oh, dirty martini. Every time.

Anything you’d like to tell your fans in Singapore, Asia and otherwise?

Just thank you. I’m so grateful for the overwhelming support. Yeah, lucky me.

Added the photoshoot of Joseph Quinn for Esquire (Singapore) to our photogallery!.

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Photos: Wonderland Photoshoot

Photos: Wonderland Photoshoot

Added the first photos of Joseph Quinn for Wonderland Magazine! Enjoy it!

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Photos: FAN EXPO Canada

Photos: FAN EXPO Canada

Added new photos of Joseph Quinn attending the FAN EXPO Canada on August 25, 26, 27 and 28.

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Joseph Quinn covers the Autumn/Fall 2022 issue in Louis Vuitton

Joseph Quinn covers the Autumn/Fall 2022 issue in Louis Vuitton

“I guess the acknowledgement or notion that I even have fans, it’s still something that I’m wrapping my head around,” shares actor Joseph Quinn, embracing his new-found stardom in the epic return of Stranger Things Season 4. “I think it’s important to bear in mind that they’re fans of the show, and they’re fans of the character. And through that, there is a projection onto me; it’s one that I feel very grateful for. I think, in this business, you need a certain amount of notoriety to have a shot at being a part of those projects that will resonate with people. So I feel very grateful to have had that through a show like Stranger Things, which I think is a really great show. I’m still adjusting to the fact that there are people out there who know who I am. They are, on the whole, always so lovely and kind.”

Covering our Autumn/Fall 2022 issue Joseph Quinn talks on playing the loveable rogue Eddie Munson, London’s testing dating scene and his new life, now flipped upside down by the supernatural series.

Photos: Tatler Photoshoot (2020)

Photos: Tatler Photoshoot (2020)

Added new outtakes of Joseph Quinn for Tatler! Enjoy them!

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Photos/Videos: Joseph Quinn meets Metallica

Photos/Videos: Joseph Quinn meets Metallica

Our favorite British heartthrob Joseph Quinn a.k.a. Eddie Munson in Stranger Things season 4, has just met Metallica!

Those who have watched the latest season know how meaningful this meeting is considering Eddie’s iconic rendition of “Master of Puppets” in the Upside Down has now become of the show’s most memorable and incredible moments.

Metallica is now a five piece as Joseph Quinn went to meet with the legendary band during their rehearsal for their headlining gig at the Lollapalooza music festival in Chicago! Not only did Quinn get to hang out with the guys and tell them how much their music meant to him and his character, Eddie, but he was invited to play “Master of Puppets” with them!

Netflix shared an adorable video of the backstage meeting and hangout session. And even better, the band gifted Joseph with his own custom and signed B.C. Rich guitar, a replica of the one Eddie played in Stranger Things.

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