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Photos/Interview: SID

Photos/Interview: SID

Ahead of the fourth season of Stranger Things, the British actor Joseph Quinn sat down with us to get up close on his recent role. Together we dug into his favourite moments on set, his commitment to acting, and a diet consisting of magnets, pun intended.

JR: Congratulations on your recent role in Stranger Things. The show has been such a great success over the years. What’s it been like to plunge into a show that already has such an established cast?

JQ: Thanks very much! It was daunting, but they’re all lovely people and were keen to ease my anxieties. It was a joy.

Were you a fan of the series before? And, what was the moment like when you found out that you had the role?

I was definitely a fan of the series. When my agent called to tell me I was totally shocked. He sounded pretty surprised too to be honest, the offer fell out of the sky, it took me totally off guard.

What was the group dynamic between your fellow cast members like, and were there any memorable moments on set?

I got very lucky with the group I got to work with. Everyone’s funny. Everyone is silly. Natalia is pretty handy with photoshop, so we would float some silly pictures around – they kept us amused.

Your first appearance as Eddie Munson in the cafeteria had such magnetism. What did it take to bring Eddie ‘s character to life?

Well, thanks very much. I was on a very strict diet at the time consisting mainly of magnets. I’d eat one magnet in the morning and then around lunchtime another magnet and then one, sometimes two in the evening. That was a joke. A bad one. I’m sorry. I don’t know how to answer that question really, I got a vocal coach and hoped for the best. Listening to metal helped too.

Most actors have a particular philosophy behind their work. Is there anything or anyone that inspires you during the process of preparing for a role?

A philosophy behind my work? Jesus, I don’t know. I think commitment is the key. You have to become pretty obsessive, or I do anyway. You only get something out of it if you put a lot in. Whether it’s an audition, stage play, or screen gig, if you wing it, you’ll feel unfulfilled. I think that’s true of any profession though…

Before your appearances on television, you were mostly acting in plays, most notably in Mosquitos alongside Olivia Colman. What was it like to transition from theatre to television?

It’s great to do both. It’s the same job, different disciplines. Theatre is harder though. It’s just stamina.

You’ll be starring in the film Hoard next, could you tell us more about the project?

It’s helmed by this extraordinary woman called Luna Carmoon. She’s something special, and I hope the film will be too. It’s hard to talk about. We shall see!

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